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4/15 to 6/30 2024

Futures is meant to be an interactive journey.

You may join at any time, for as many activities both in-person and on-line.

Registration is free! Access to more details and materials after registration.

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Conference activities begin June 2023 and go through August 2024 providing a Year Long Celebration of School Psychology. The specific activities for this event are described below.

*Registration is required to attend. *All sessions will be held at 3pm eastern. This Futures Conference is an International event and we are accounting for known participants in Hawaii and Greece to engage in live formats.

Missed an Activity? Comeback! Recording and readings available for previous events.

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Activity #1 (click):
Kick Off the Journey!

Introduction to Re-Imagining School Psychology through a Social Justice Lens

- What is the Futures Conference and how is it different from past conferences?

- Overview of Futures Pillars
- Blue Sky and Discussion (Dr. Celeste Malone)
-Conference Roadmap: What to expect this year
*more details and readings available after you register!

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Activity #2:
Continue the Journey

What more can I Learn about Social Justice and these School Psychology Pillars?
June – Kickoff & CPA Conference activities
July 13, 3pm Eastern Time – Leadership Webinar & ISPA Conference activities
August 28, 3pm Eastern Time – Science and Scholarship Webinar & APA Conference activities
September 13, 3pm Eastern Time – Practice Webinar & NASP Leadership Assembly activities

October 20, 3pm Eastern Time – Workforce Development Webinar
November 3, 3pm Eastern Time – Advocacy Webinar
November 16, 3pm Eastern Time – Education and Lifelong Learning Webinar

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Activity #3:
Pause your Journey to Self-Reflect

What does my Social Justice Journey Look Like?
It's time to go deeper. Take some time to engage with the webinar resources and padlet in Activity #2 and self reflect. If you missed any, now is the time to catch up!

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Activity #4:
Share Your Journey Experiences

What Can You Learn from the Journey that others are on?

- Join our Learning Community Groups in the months of April to June 2024!

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Activity #5:
Celebrate Our Journey

What Have We Learned and How Will That Impact the Future of School Psychology?
-Coming soon. Check back with us!

Community Agreements

Checking Privilege, Sharing Space, Sharing Power

  • Confidentiality. Do not share what is said in this session without permission of the group or individuals
  • Make space, take space / Step up, step back. 
  • Impact and intent. Own your impact as much as your intent.

Creating Shared Understanding

  • Be an active listener. Practice active listening that is focused on listening instead of preparing your response. 
  • Check accuracy. Ask questions that check the accuracy of your assumptions.

Hold each other accountable, both in the room and afterward.

  • Offer Ideas and Be Proposal Based. When criticizing other people’s work and ideas, don’t just shoot them down. Instead offer an idea or be proposal based.

Building Trust

  • Recognize when you are opening a sensitive discussion. Be aware and give a content warning if you are entering a sensitive or triggering topic. 
  • Ouch and educate in real time. State your feeling and explain (i.e. That feels hurtful because…). 
  • Don’t Yuck My Yum. When group members share their likes and dislikes, respect their personal opinions and preferences–do not shoot them down. 
  • Differ respectfully, knowing that respect does not equal politeness. 
  • Conflict happens and we require hard conversations. After a conflict is resolved we commit to revisit it and see how it might have been handled differently.

Personal Growth

  • Emotions are okay – Probe what’s behind them instead of rushing past them (with self and with others) 
  • Be open and honest – Recognize that power dynamics may make it difficult for some to open up. 
  • Be present and minimize distractions.

Futures Conference History

In 2002 the national and international school psychology organizations held a conference to discuss the future of school psychology.

Kick Off the Journey

JUNE 20, 2023

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